17/9/2012 12: 00 am

Baghdad/Iraqi future
The Attorney for the Iraqi list to alsagri the majority of cluster members in the House especially independent of them favor installing Defence Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi to his agency. Alsagri said that more than half of the members of the list have requested nomination Al-dulaimi of the Ministry of defence as the best among the candidates for personal Office managed by now already. He noted that Al-dulaimi would win quick approval of blocks all being balanced personality feature of wisdom and rationality, as he had already assumed responsibility for defense.
Alsagri noted that all candidates for Office are personalities who enjoy respect and appreciation and deserving candidate but at the moment, the most important element of compatibility is a candidate for the position and we believe that this is what has made Saadoun al-dulaimi will facilitate voting and selection. He stressed that the post of Defense Minister is dedicated to component and are nominated from the Sunni Iraqi list that consensus other blocks, this means that the post is dedicated to a particular party or bloc. I think that the time has come to end this file that remained stuck for so long, noting that the current Government did not have much time, so they continued Al-dulaimi, Department of post would be an important factor for the stability of the Ministry.