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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Turkey nominate Hashemi to lead what it called the free Iraqi army

Follow-up - and babysit -
Informed sources said that Turkey and support Saudi diagonal seeking to install Vice President and requested a judicial death sentence Tariq al-Hashimi after proven involvement and protection of killing Iraqis terrorist operations to give him the role of commander in chief of what it called the Iraqi army free and which will be announced posed within days in Turkey, according to sources

The same sources confirmed that Turkey had also summoned one senior officials and military leaders in Saddam's regime dictatorial Abdel Wahed Shannan the strap to bolster the role of Hashemi in the leadership of the army's alleged collect all the factions of murder and terror under the banner of organizations Baath and Al-Qaeda and Elmejrmyin to insert Iraq in a civil war and sectarian new and foil process Iraq's political

It should be noted that the local media ran a story in the past two days for maneuver Turkish she called the initiative provides for the delivery of Izzat al-Douri to the Iraqi government for exempting Hashemi of the verdicts issued against him as well as what it called an open Shiite on Sunni Arabs against undermine Kurdish expansion as described in media said other local to the emergence of Massoud Rajavi, the former leader of the organization to create opposition to the Iranian government in Syria and joining the so-called Free Syrian Army and its leadership in order to crawl towards Iraq after the completion of the process of regime change in Syria and then crawl to Iran for regime change