News reports : Maliki supports the issuance of a report on what has been spent since 2003 for the reconstruction of Iraq

Union: The President of the Government of Nouri al-Maliki, Sunday, support for the final report to be issued by the Office of the Iraq reconstruction for the overall what has been spent since 2003, called for the release of accuracy and full transparency.

Maliki said in a statement on the sidelines of a meeting in his official office of the Inspector General, U.S. special office Iraq reconstruction Stuart W. mark the end of his mission, "We support the issuance of the final report of the Office of Iraq Reconstruction for the overall what was spent since 2003," calling for "issued accurately and full transparency." The statement added that "the meeting saw talking on the final report and can make observations around Iraq."
The Parliamentary Integrity Committee had confirmed earlier, the loss of $ 17 billion earmarked for Iraq Development Fund during the period of the civil governor Paul Bremer, and described this period as "vague and many corruption", noting it had sent a request to the United Nations to investigate the matter and get the refund stolen.
The government formed subsequently a special committee to follow up the disappearance of $ 17 billion from the Development Fund for Iraq, stressing that the Commission will bring together information on regardless of such amounts, as agreed to the proposed mechanism for the settlement of the proportion of compensation amounting to (5%) on payment in kind for oil companies and compensation of Kuwait.
It is noteworthy that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers had already called for in the earlier ministries and official institutions all the way to provide all the information it has on any abuses occurred during the reign of the civil administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, on money deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq, which was spent for the implementation of projects and fake or different the specifications stated, indicating that this request comes as a prelude to the establishment of the lawsuit on the entities and companies that caused the waste of the nation's money.