Controversy with Poppy 3's CC statement on a Home Sales Tax
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Thread: Controversy with Poppy 3's CC statement on a Home Sales Tax

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    Controversy with Poppy 3's CC statement on a Home Sales Tax

    Poppy 3 announced during the recent CC that all should be aware that starting in 2013 there will be a new tax on ALL home sales of 3.8%. I would like to provide all with more specific information; so this conservative rumor can be disspelled. Please view the URL below to get more specifics. The reality is that it will only effect the upper 3% of the income earners of the US and is viewed as a capital gains tax. There are a lot of parameters to this tax in order to be required to pay this tax. In no way is this a tax on ALL homes sales as Poppy was alluding to. If you want to know more, please view the following URL.

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    You don't get it.

    If you bought your years ago there is a very good chance that your house has increased $200k in value and therefore almost everyone that is older and has used their house for some type of retirement savings account will get screwed. Selling your house almost automatically puts you over the $200k cut off. If you and your spouse make $80k, $40k each you only have $120k of buffer value before you hit it.

    Thanks big O and his health care mess.

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    No, you didn't read the memo on the URL provided. This is obvious with your comment. By your response it is also obvious that you only want to listen to the garbage on Fox News and other erroneous emails that are filtering on the internet. I beg you to read something with FACTS and not just hype or political rhetoric. Know what the facts are!! Oh, btw, the health care mess you mention rather off hand, I'm sure you cannot even mention 3 items that are in it. But your buddy Romney does and since he is lagging in the polls now after his latest foreign policy fiasco and "I don't care about those people" comment speech, he is starting his usual flip-flopping on the health care issue saying he wouldn't get rid of everything in Obama's health care package. Question: Do you EVEN know what the items are that your candidate is in favor of? Research it and get back to all of us so we know you can do more than just throw out off-handed comments that mean nothing.
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