Urgent ... Dropping the death sentence for al-Hashemi and will be sworn in as presid
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Thread: Urgent ... Dropping the death sentence for al-Hashemi and will be sworn in as presid

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    Urgent ... Dropping the death sentence for al-Hashemi and will be sworn in as presid

    Urgent ... Dropping the death sentence for al-Hashemi and will be sworn in as president of the Republic???
    09/15/2012 - 9:32 pm | Hits: 82

    Abu Dhar heavenly
    The latest Iraqi politics and smartness of the pioneers of political crisis that invited the permanent and lasting friend. This principle not good not only, but it is most appropriate to the directions of the pioneers crisis or become supplies Mreisseh and conditions Altglabh chairs and there a long list of evidence and examples to give priority to this principle to other, especially in light of the current crisis and coup balances and mentality (Almaantah and Hi quarterly and the shares and ratios and Asthakaqa I sole and man stage and Olay what happened Euphrates and the people lived, it is my blessings reconstruction of the country and must Hailing my life voices slaves) and I represent this component and you a murderer and a terrorist With Scott everyone or satisfaction or their inability to change from something of reality will continue to the situation in the country from bad to the worst and do not expect one day with this policy that improves or change this tragic reality is no longer surprised by the citizen that shows urgent that the Government agreed with the criminal Tareq al-Hashemi and dropping the death penalty and that things are within the honey as Aistgrb of returning Harith al-Dhari dignity and honor without the guilt and he's a hero resistance noble and the masses come out marches spontaneous and support of national reconciliation to receive her son bar Izzat al-Duri and Daini will celebrate Mass at the tomb or shrine commander of necessity and deceased nation buried Saddam and make recipients Prime Minister noblest of God because he saw the eyes of his advisers that this is the righteousness of Iraq and the State law advocated by which only things left were (serf) and (s) and (Lallah) Yes Sorry for all of the Ayajbh this speech or ينعتني Baltaml the Prime Minister or the Dawa party or parties to the dispute or may ينعتني Balmichaśm and perhaps Qldni and Sam Baathist and client Sorry for all those blood that flowed and an excuse for the souls that lost their and tournaments that written down days and throats that chanted and hearts burning with pain and anguish Sorry, this is the reality, the election is coming and libel state law or national or national reconciliation and professional component and the rights of Shiites or Sunnis or Kurds are signs petition traded employers chairs The positions and privileges excuse for Ttaula and تجاوزي red lines did not want anyone to go beyond that talked about one accused of politicization and personalization or attempt to topple the government and its beloved Here I am not politician nor candidate and party leader not belong to the party does not know why the spoke in the hear a our words or taken seriously So long as in a democratic state why fear that we were in a state of law, why fear and stealthy, but you're a citizen, I powder away from the atmosphere and events within the game via a link named ballot boxes and Awardees provided by Almsiwol and loans that of handcuffed my neck. The citizens need to budgets explosive right to Akebat unemployed and salaries miserable keep them living in subsistence what remained of the citizen in this country is up Alawagel and anticipation explosions and security breaches and hear bickering of the pioneers of the crisis and accept political deals which come at its expense and against his willy-nilly and to be my words more touching of reality Foodwa to cancel ablation Mutlaq and all contempt and disregard for the feelings of re and deputy prime minister and others like Muzaffar al-Ani as an adviser to the President and the kiss not to ratify the death sentence against Sultan Hashem Ahmed and others like national reconciliation and restore all the Baathists to government departments, especially the criminals appliances repressive system Aallalqh infidel and spent them dues retrospectively culminating Aalloam Act and who want to get out criminals and murderers, and not only that amnesty for counterfeiters and the corrupt. What remained of the state and the experience and the project Is Tstbadon returning Hashemi Eetmris on Born Alkhaabh after filming savior and hero by advocates and pioneers crisis they compete between raring and sorry for his execution but only on paper either in fact, it is subject to waiver, negotiation and announced other public has nominated - President of the Republic after the deterioration of the health situation of President Talabani

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    hi do you have a link to this article? thank you.

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