Allawi: Iraqi judiciary politicized wrap the noose around the neck of Saudis

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Allawi: Iraqi judiciary politicized roll noose around the neck of Saudis dialogue - Sami Othman Dr. Iyad Allawi existing Iraqi President and former Prime Minister said the Iraqi judiciary politicized was the direct cause of the winding rope around the neck of Saudi death row, explaining that Nouri al-Maliki in big trouble for his improvisational policies and stardom in a steady decline, noting at the same time that the trial of Tareq al-Hashemi will increase congestion in the Iraqi street. Allawi said in an interview with Al-day hunt judges Mosul and arbitrary arrests always emphasized that national reconciliation in Iraq is absent, and that national dialogue was killed was buried under the dust a long time ago. And, consequently, the text of the interview: in the beginning .. There is a state large division blatant did not observe the security and political situation in the case of Vice President Hashemi, Where do can lead? - I think the disposition issue Tareq al-Hashemi in this way can lead to more congestion in situations inflamed dramatically, and there observations and wide around safety of this approach and its legality, except he did not act officials from the government and the judiciary. Do you expect to fall Maliki for trial Hashemi? - I do not think. convening national dialogue Do you expect that exploits under the prevailing circumstances? - you have to know that the national dialogue was killed was buried under the soil long ago. do you think where can go national reconciliation? - No national reconciliation will not be achieved according to the circumstances prevailing now, and there is evidence that the first when it was de 32 a judge in Mosul, in addition to the arrests based on leaps and bounds and all arrests are random. Iraqi List and its leaders, which combines more Iraqis could play a more prominent role in the Iraqi political scene .. How do you see that? - This is already true .. Were it not for rigidity Iran and its intransigence and its influence growing in Iraq could have been for the Iraqi play a leading role in the stability and integrity of Iraq and the region and all that waged against Iraq and against me personally lies and attempts of intimidation and threat we still play a distinct role and ask God Aziz to take our hands for the victory of Arabs and Muslims. You could say state president said al-Maliki has AFL star therefore trying to provoke storms of political between each period and again? - certainly is in trouble because of policies improvisational. Do you think that the Saudis sentenced to death was politicized case, as alleged by many? - part of the judiciary is politicized and we need to transparency and clarity in the joints of the judiciary completely. all frankness with which عهدناها you where to go Iraq? - I very much hope to recover Iraq, especially since the political landscape in the region and the world is changing and will not be a change for the benefit of Iran certainly, we are not advocates of war against Iran or other countries but we are against interference in Iraqi affairs in the region other has explained that fully to everyone as well as to Iran's ambassador in Baghdad during a meeting with Iraqi leaders. Saudi role and move, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz in Iraqi affairs How do you evaluate this role? - of course distinct role very positive and work very carefully, and when I was prime minister, a crown prince was flowing and warmth relations thing is clear, it has been keen King on Iraq and its people as well as the Saudi people Karim replaced appreciation and respect and love as well as our honorable. Syria and conditions that prevailed Do you expect that the situation will go to civil war? - unfortunately bloodbaths and that do not fit with the spring is a farce in Syria and there is a war and clear now, but God willing, and wisely trend will emerge Syria from the disaster and will have a new government and a new presidency, God willing. Why prevent Iraq receive refugees Syria who Tkdsoa border ? - of course this is a shame .. And the opposite of what he was doing the Syrian people brother when he was resort Iraqis to Syria and Ihtdhanhm Syrian people brother. How long will Iraq fragmented Is this cause for concern with regard to the partitioning of Iraq as trying to promote some observers? - yes there are conspiracies to destroy the Arab capabilities in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, there are a vast conspiracy against the Arab nation and even against some Islamic countries is I am confident, God willing, victory. Iran How can stop Abuthaitha in Iraq and the region in general? - when you lose Iran capacity to intervene in the affairs of countries in the region and when would consider Iran carefully Where is real interests, and understand that the power of the Arabs force her and protect her and the integrity and sovereignty of Arab countries is to ensure the safety of Iran and its sovereignty over its territory and its people only then will stop Iran from interfering in the affairs of the region. newspaper today Saudi Arabia issued on September 15, 2012

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