Mechanisms for the distribution of 25 percent of the surplus oil revenues among people

09/16/2012 12:00 am

Baghdad, Omar Abdel Latif
detect and Planning Minister Ali Yousef Shukri for his ministry and put in place mechanisms for the distribution of 25 percent of oil revenues among the people, stressing that the distribution will be made ​​during this year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the House of Representatives. said Shukri in a statement »Center Brief Network Iraqi media », on Saturday, the Ministry of Planning and developed mechanisms to distribute 25 per cent of the surplus oil imports after the implementation of the deficit, and expressed his belief that there surplus permitted on the grounds that the budget is calculated to the end of June of each year, and all amounts which is obtained after this date is a surplus. said Shukri said the amount that will be allocated to the people may not be great, «but we this step we are citizen reassured and he got through the first year on the amount of money from the surplus of oil imports», expressing his hope that the ratio in the coming years more than that. Shukri pointed out that nothing to do with balancing complementary distribute amounts of surplus among the people, whether included or not included, stressing that the ministry is working with the House of Representatives and the financial implementation of this text, which came within the 2012 budget. cautioned Shukri to the existence of mechanisms for the distribution of these funds first depending on the ration card, but there are crippling problems in this is that a lot of Almtzlmin to the ration card items are ineligible. The second mechanism is based on Social Security, but that this mechanism where caveats many on the grounds that there is worth the salary did not get it and there is not eligible and receive salary. Across Shukri hoped that the percentage of the 25 percent of oil imports to the beneficiaries, and it will be written for the project success.