Energy Commission: Article (6) is the only subject of dispute in the oil and gas law

09/16/2012 12:00 am

Optimism resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil
BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab Omar Abdel-Latif
saw a coalition of state law that ongoing talks between Baghdad and Erbil has gone positive and it was agreed to pay dues for foreign companies operating in the region to resume the last oil export abroad immediately.
The MP said the state law, Hussein Net "that talks between Arbil and Baghdad has gone positive, stressing in a statement for" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "on Saturday, said a committee composed of the ministries of finance and oil and trade ran the talks, it was agreed to pay dues for companies operating in the region to resume the last oil export abroad immediately, muses, "that this positive step Pope to reach a range of solutions not with the Kurdistan region only, but to resolve the current political crisis and the outstanding problems between the political blocs."
and predicted net only satisfies this convergence "some political parties" that wish to remain dilemmas between the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance List and thus allow the polarizations and Convergences other according to their perceptions, as he claimed.
stressed net on a "line and national approach which line the actor for the political process and thus there will be a solution to all outstanding problems between the blocks political. "
For his part, MP for the Liberal bloc Jawad al-Hasnawi that this step (progress of the talks) positive towards resolving all outstanding problems in the political situation in Iraq, and between in a statement for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," on Saturday, "said differences between Province and the Centre on the powers and the right to the fulfillment of oil imports came because of the lack of consensus and approve oil and gas law. "He guessed Hasnawi lead agreement central government with the Kurdistan region to resolve the outstanding problems between the political blocs in different directions" However, "that it is required from the provincial government to maintain independence region and its association with the center. "He Hasnawi" center turn showed high flexibility in order to convince the provincial government that the process of extracting the oil is a national interest "one critic attempt province waving option" self-determination "and secession from Iraq, saying that" the separation of the province does not serve the national interest nor serve Iraq and become an easy prey for neighboring countries, "stressing that" harmony and melting region with the center will lead to a strengthening of the federal government because the province is an active participant in the writing of the Constitution. "
Turning Hasnawi that the debate on the law of oil and gas has started to take its final shape of talks Legal Committee with committees Center It will come to light in the coming days and ending problem suffered by Iraq "
and said Hasnawi "that most of the southern provinces exports oil and issued the region's oil" and wondered "Is prevents provinces imports from the center pretext or the other?" believing "that this is not true but is an integrated system and deal banking in Zakho is the same in Basra and the state and federal, which oversees all laws in Iraq and the strength of Iraq from power the federal government. "
For its part, showed an MP for the Iraqi bloc free high Nassif that "oil wealth belongs to the Iraqi people," saying that "the subject of this wealth the whims of personal and delays and wrangling political ايصب in the interest of the country. "
said Nassif told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," on Saturday, said that "Iraq today desperately needs to unite the visions it and extends a helping hand to all his limbs in the boldest outreach development as These provinces have been damaged security and Amaria "asserting that" this is a positive step and should be balanced. "
In the meantime, the committee said Parliamentary Legal that the atmosphere now become more appropriate to begin discussion of the oil and gas and then settled in the coming period, while confirmed to the Commission Oil and Energy Parliamentary that the disagreement is on two copies of 2007 and 2011 and to Article VI thereof.
The president of the Legal Committee of Parliament Member of Parliament Khalid Shwani that the mini-committee which was formed which includes representatives of the political blocs in addition to the oil minister in the federal government and the Minister of Natural Resources Kurdistan Regional Government will meet next Tuesday to discuss the projects submitted to this law.
added Shwani told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," on Saturday that there is a determination by the members of the committee to resolve the issue of the oil and gas, as well as the existence of an atmosphere appropriate more than once prior to the start of a debate this important law during the next phase.