Sources (UR): a conference in London to sell the Iraqi banking sector
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Baghdad / Orr News

Sources financial Iraqi for that investment conference in the banking sector and banks in Iraq, which will be held in London on 18 and 19 of this month, will make Iraq a bank to finance the economies bankrupt and saving banks Europe and the United States as is the case with the banking sector Gulf.

The sources said, an expert Bsún finance and economy, that show Iraqi officials on investment opportunities in the financial sector will pave the sale to Iraq of the banking sector foreign, and thus lead to the enactment of laws to facilitate penetration of foreign companies to the Iraqi banking sector, and identify key projects for the start of the project penetration Financial.

The sources, who spoke to the Agency (UR) did not wish to disclose the identity, that the process of investing in the Iraqi banking sector will turn effort to develop the Iraqi state from the central bank to private banks, finance and dumping private sector debt, in addition to laying the foundations for the development of private banks at the expense of government and linking state funds.

The sources said removing barriers in general investors in the financial sector will lead to a suction liquidity from the street and market production for the benefit of banks and destroy any chance forward for the use of liquidity in the industrial sector, and the transfer of financing infrastructure projects to the banking sector and linking infrastructure ownership foreign.

She said that if this plan has, which will be according to sources, will make Baghdad market for securities exposed, and infiltrated by foreign companies, in return for a scenario that occurred in Southeast Asia in the eighties and bankrupted those countries.

They pointed out that the anticipated investment will develop the insurance sector to link citizen laws force him to pay insurance for foreign companies to have a liquidity of real estate or a prelude to privatization of the health sector and service in the next phase of the meetings.

According to the sources, this conference, which will be held in Vtdq ( Grange Tower Bridge Hotel ), located in Prescot Street forty-five , not the first of its kind to sell wealth Iraqis, He was preceded Conference on 7 and 8 September 2011 sale of mineral resources under the banner of investment, and after a conference in 18 and 18 April 2012 for the sale of the refineries.

And learned Agency (UR) that an Iraqi delegation high-level conference will be attended, and includes among its members both Qusay al-Suhail and Rose Nuri Shaways and Shabibi and Haider al-Abadi Ali Yousef Shukri, Rafie al-Issawi, Sami al-Araji and Hamdiya Dry Mohammed Darraji and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh.