Sami al-Askari: Omar government will end without naming the ministers of security, Allawi is eager to nominate a candidate of Defense

The leader of the coalition of state law the National Alliance MP Sami al-Askari, that the age of the current government will end without naming candidates for security ministries.
Askari said in a statement to the Agency news, on Saturday, the nomination of a candidate and Secretary of Defense is not linked to the list of Iraq, but the movement of reconciliation led by Iyad Allawi internalized within Iraq, noting that movement, Allawi is eager to nominate the candidate solve this problem, through prerogative names of the ministry knew that it rejected in advance.
MP added that it excludes the resolution naming candidates for security ministries during the life of the current government, saying there is no problem with the government without naming ministers of security on my own, because Culture Minister Saadoun Dulaimi runs Acting Defense, Interior continues its work and is not a problem in this file.
Reading: 5 Saturday, September 15, 2012