Babinaoz - Agencies: reached the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government's autonomous agreement on the payment of the companies operating in the province, which will be issued two hundred thousand barrels of oil per day, as announced by official sources. government source said Iraqi told AFP on Thursday that "the Baghdad government and the Government of Erbil reached an agreement at a meeting held in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways in the presence of officials of the government in Baghdad. "

And participated in the meeting and Oil Minister Abdul Karim and coffee and oil marketing company manager "Sumo" Falah al-Amiri and representatives from the provincial government, according to the same source.

He explained that the present "agreed that the Kurdistan region to export two hundred thousand barrels a day, and form a committee of parties represented by officials from both sides, including the ministers of trade, oil and financial, from both sides, to settle the dues of foreign companies operating in the region."

An official in the Kurdistan Regional Government on condition of anonymity, told AFP "reach an agreement" without reference for more details.

The Ministry of Natural Resources in the provincial government announced early in April last stop exporting oil "until further notice" due to the lack of funds for the payment of foreign companies operating in the fields claimed by the central government about a year ago.

The region resumed oil exports in the seventh August after four months of downtime, before announcing the Kurdish authorities to continue to export oil until September 15 the current in order to build trust with the central government.

The Baghdad government has given on the fourth of this month, the Kurdistan weeks before cutting three billion of its budget to compensate for the losses after the reduction and then stop its share of crude oil exports assessments within the budget.

Ali al-Moussawi said Almschesar Prime Minister's media that "the Council of Ministers decided to grace the Kurdistan region a week to come to Baghdad to discuss the accounts and otherwise you will be relying on the accounts of the ministerial committee."

According to an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, it is assumed that the Government recognizes the Kurdistan 175 thousand barrels of oil a day from its wells to the central government for export compared to pay this government to pay the expenses of foreign companies operating in the region.

But Baghdad says it did not receive at best more than 65 thousand barrels per day and accuses the province of smuggling rest cheaply via Iran and Turkey.

The oil contracts concluded by the region with international oil companies, one of the main points of contention between Baghdad and Erbil, while the central government accuses the authorities of the province of smuggling oil out of the country.

The Government of Baghdad on the adoption service contracts with foreign companies to secure significant financial resources with the Kurdistan Regional Government adopts sharing contracts and achieve the goal of lower profits compared Astmthar efforts of foreign companies.

Oil revenues constitute 94 percent of the country's revenues.

Iraq has the third largest oil reserves in the world is estimated at 143 billion barrels, after Saudi Arabia and Iran.