Vice chest: paper just political reforms scenario government were not accepted by many of the political blocs :
Friday, September 14 / September 2012 12:08

[Baghdad - where]

MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, Mohammad Reza Khafaji paper political reforms were not accepted by many of the political blocs, it's just a scenario government intended to camouflage mistakes.

Khafaji said in a statement told all of Iraq [where] today that "the National Alliance could not agree on the exit paper unified reforms despite the passage of 4 months from the beginning of working out", adding that "the political blocs do not know terms of the paper, which was announced completion."

He added that the "paper reforms just camouflage to gain time and anesthesia for the Iraqi people, because the state has no real intention to implement reforms in the management of files placed on them, including security and services and the economy."

The National Alliance has formed a committee to write and put a paper he called political reforms in order to resolve the political crisis experienced by the country, and called on the Chairman of the Reform Committee Chairman Alliance National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari in a statement read on 7 July last all parties involved in the political process to deal with the initiative dialogue on the basis of adherence to the constitution and reform of state institutions. :