Kurdistan is likely to adopt the proposed law to the Committee on Energy
Date: Thursday, 09/13/2012 08:13 am

Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
decided the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to form a small committee to review the draft law of oil for 2007 as well as the government project which was sent to Parliament in late 20011 and the proposal submitted by the parliamentary energy commission and choose one of them.

At the same time it was likely the Kurdistan Alliance adopt the proposed law presented by the Commission on oil and energy into law a new oil and energy, adding that in line with the articles (111 and 112) of the Iraqi Constitution, saying that the draft Act 2007 where irregularities explicit the Iraqi constitution.
has accused the Liberal bloc parliamentary some quarters Political absence of any desire to have the legislation the law of oil and energy, pointing out that the intention of these actors is to keep the current political crisis without putting solutions.
Speaking with "long" The member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Qassim Mohammed "that the presidency of the parliament decided to form a committee Mini includes oil minister in the federal government Abdul Karim defect and his counterpart in the government of the region drastically and representatives of all the political blocs, as well as one of the members of the Presidency of the Parliament for review or consideration of the draft law of oil in 2007 and the government project and a proposal for the Energy Commission, explaining that the Joint Committee will be held first meeting next Tuesday. "
and "The differences of political blocs is that some of them supported the draft in 2007 and the other part with the government project sent in late 20,011 and third section supports the proposal for the Oil and Energy Committee which was accepted by the Presidency of the parliament and win recipe project After reading (23) article of materials inside the House of Representatives. "
between Muhammad Kurdistan Alliance MP "that there fundamental differences between the political blocs on some items the draft law of oil and energy in 2007 and the government project, where confirm in some موادهما to cancel all oil contracts in licensing rounds concluded by the Governments of Baghdad and Erbil earlier, and second how to form the Federal Council where he sees the government project that this council subordinate to the prime minister while demanding some blocks that is independent, while the third is not to give the provinces and territories oil producing any role. "
he added "The project for the Oil and Energy Committee is the closest to the legislation of everyone because it is identical and consistent with the constitutional articles, pointing out that the draft in 2007 where constitutional violations explicit articles (111 and 112) so if approved Vsenqd by the Federal Court." In turn, MP Furat al-Shara , about the existence of rigidity by some political blocs in their views, pointing out that the enactment of the oil and energy will ease the problems the current political.
Shara said MP Block citizen parliamentary "long" The mission of the mini-committee set up by the Presidency of the parliament to pass a law on oil and energy through the convergence of views in the points at issue politically and then execute legal points. "
and noted that "the qualifications and abilities and clear to the ability of this committee to submit a draft accepted by everyone, indicating a willingness of all parties and factions to overcome this stage despite the presence of rigidity in the consensus that has brought us to delay this law. "
and "that the adoption of this law will ease the stress of controversy among political blocs since 2006 and so far that caused Amtaadat cramps between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region and some provincial councils as well as the institutions vital oil, pointing out that the legislation This law will be organized entry of foreign companies to invest oil larger and wider between the federal government and the provinces and territories. "
accused deputy Liberal bloc some political parties in the absence of serious has in the enactment of the oil and energy and make it legally politically in order to keep the problems as they are on it.
Awad said Awadi "The enactment of the oil and energy of the most important factors that help in stabilizing Iraq politically and economically when there is agreement on this law is passed in the House of Representatives and voting on it, saying that the importance of this law lies beyond the law of the Federal Court because of its positive role in all stages" .
called al-Awadi, a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary to "be there bush vocational and technical for this law and get away from political differences, accusing some political blocs in making this law legally politically in order to keep the differences as is it today."
"The enactment of this Act protect Iraq's oil wealth of the companies that started to enter untapped twice the previous laws, alluding to the inability of Iraq accounting of these companies in the process of extractive oil away from modern technology and even exploratory them. "
and "that the task of the mini-committee is to consider a draft law in 2007 and the government project and see on the observations of the Kurdistan region and producing provinces and the federal government because they are concerned Okthers than others. "