Economy and Investment parliamentary calling on the government to activate the Tariff Act

Commission asked for the economy and investment parliamentary government to activate the Tariff Act, also called on the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to coordinate with other ministries to ensure marketing various products.
Committee Chairman MP / coalition in Iraq / Ahmed al-Alwani at a press conference on Wednesday: it is necessary that the government is working to activate the law of customs tariff after providing the requirements of his work in the form in which regulates the relationship between the local and imported product.

He added: the control of product imported to the local market caused great loss to the companies and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, and private companies cement that suffer from an abundance of production and masters and accumulate, causing a great loss, especially since these companies are running self-financing and was unable to pay the salaries of its members.

He called Alwani: Ministry of Industry and Minerals on the coordination and work in an orderly fashion with the rest of the various ministries and agencies to ensure the distribution of its products in support of the Iraqi economy and bring the power of the domestic product to compete with the imported product.