Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Barzani: a delegation from the region will visit Baghdad to discuss oil

Baghdad - and babysit - renewed the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Wednesday, rejected the formation Operations Command Tigris, confirming that it will take all necessary steps to stop the formation of this leadership, announcing at the same time that a delegation including visit Baghdad in the coming days to discuss the benefits of oil companies, threatened by saying, "If No solution on oil dues will take other measures. "
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani said in a press statement received news agency public opinion a copy of it today, "that" the formation of leadership trust will cause Banadm processes in Kirkuk and other areas and does not help to protect the security in those areas, so we reject this matter. "

And about the threat of the federal government to cut stake Kurdistan region of the budget, said Barzani "Initially, we reject the use of Baghdad Multi cut the budget as a pressure on the Kurdistan region, we hope not to think of Baghdad in this matter never under any pretext, because this work will deepen the problems in Iraq and we in the Kurdistan Region will not stand silent and will do all that is necessary.

The president of the Kurdistan Regional Government in its statement, "There is a group of oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region, and on Baghdad that you pay dues of these companies, we are now in a dialogue with Baghdad to reimburse these companies, I think that there is no justification for the threats launched by Baghdad against the territory Kurdistan, because the work we do all in constitutional framework of the Iraqi constitution and conducted with full transparency. "

The Barzani "that export oil continues until now, and delegation will Kurdistan visited Baghdad in the coming days to discuss the payment of dues of oil companies, and if we reach a solution will continue to export and if no solution is found Stnkz other steps in this area."