BAGHDAD / JD / .. stressed the central bank that the Iraqi economy means of widening phenomenon government spending, stressing that he is trading at 7 trillion dinars monthly wage and services.

said deputy central bank governor appearance of Mohammed Saleh Agency correspondent / JD / that the Iraqi economy is suffering from widening government spending, adding that the central bank manages 7 trillion dinars famous and often in the form of wages or services while the wheel production almost parked in comparison to neighboring countries and corresponding to Iraq.

Saleh added that there enormous pressure on the economy by density import hard currency for goods and services and, by contrast is not the introduction of one dollar for Iraq.

between: that Iraq is not a country attractive to invest in when they are out of large amounts of dollars and are not investigating the fate, calling for the need to ensure the safety of financial transactions for trading business which is the central bank one of the parties, It should ensure the safety of remittances out of Iraq and its follow-up work on the codification of expenses to the extent equal to achieve the desired development outcomes.

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