MP Aziz Kadhim Alwan Ugaili: lack of support Alojsta effort and intelligence penetration of suspicious elements in the security forces behind the terrorist attacks ...
09/12/2012 - 4:36 am | Hits: 8

MP Aziz Kadhim said Ugaili in a statement sent to news agency Buratha: that all security events that take place in Baghdad, our provinces and for years to Atbashr fine and there are security breaches and clear and there is shortening and shortcomings in the country's security performance. Here we ask:
Who is responsible for this blood that bleed a day of Iraqis? Do you also analyze or replace them to say that caused political blocs or the House of Representatives?
Wallis first official is leaders of the security services of the two things and different levels and responsibilities?
Wallis primarily responsible is the owner of executive powers and appointment decisions, transport and punishment?
Wallis first official is came Balinkrat and heads Baathist to take over the management of the various security services and titled (agency)?
Wallis official first depends on the owners of Black History-for-word (yes sir) and leaves the faithful Mujahideen and competencies and keen to patriotism and sacrifices because they Aicoloa Yes sir?!!!
Also, do not set the security minister in office have maximum effect in the occurrence of these terrorist operations in addition to equipment corrupt detectors of explosives and not find plans correct and proactive by security leaders to address these violations as well as the penetration of cadres suspicious and that her relationship with the former regime and al-Qaeda and rampant financial and administrative corruption in all aspects of the state and especially devices security.
then it must be stressed that there is an imbalance in the support Alojsta of effort and intelligence, which has a responsibility to thwart terrorist attempts before they happen.
and sacking those responsible for areas where they are located terrorist operations and bring them to achieve is part of the treatment for these violations.
Here we have to salute all mattresses of the army and police and the junior officers who stayed up day and night in order to save and safety of the nation and the citizen ...