Who is the next dictator?
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Thread: Who is the next dictator?

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    Who is the next dictator?

    Who is the next dictator?

    On: Wednesday 09/12/2012 09:48 am

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    left a little way to go before that even al-Maliki with Saddam's tyranny. Is Nuri al-Maliki will become the next dictator of Iraq? And if that happens you interested in one of the Americans do it?. Easy to answer the second part of the question, where the Pentagon wanted to keep the 8 thousand troops in Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. troops, but al-Maliki said he would not keep any troops after running out of force of the Convention on December 31, 2011. As planned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish a U.S. embassy in Baghdad

    Cadre of 16 thousand and intelligence cadre station 700, but Iraq's strongman could curb U.S. civil presence through his insistence that his office shall be responsible directly for visa to any U.S. diplomat. As for splitting the first question, the shed-Maliki is almost up to the level of domination of Saddam Hussein and that the list of accusations is expanding: On the night of departure of U.S. troops forces and tanks led'm Maliki surrounded houses Hashemi and two members of the Iraqi List, and in last Sunday Hashmi was sentenced to death in absentia on charges of overseeing the death squads. Obtaining confessions from three of protection Hashemi through torture and someone had died his بإصاباته. The list is not Iraq - which won the most seats in the 2010 elections - the first victims of al-Maliki and its attachment to power. By Toby Dodge - one of the most prominent researchers in Iraqi affairs - the Maliki may gain complete control over the Iraqi security forces, which led to the destruction of the official chain of command, and on the Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces to his office and established leading positions in the provinces led by his own hand-picked generals. Under his rule became special operations forces - considered the best in the Middle East - is the Imperial Guard carries the name "Fedayeen al-Maliki." The same thing applies to intelligence services and the judiciary. After bidding farewell year who left the weapon and entered politics in 2010, the next target would be the Kurds who would threaten their independence, and the role of the Sadrists will come after them. The end result will be a centralized state like Russia's Vladimir Putin. Like Putin, the Maliki practiced a form of competitive authoritarianism that uses the tools of a democratic state (parliament, elections and the constitution) in sustaining power at all costs, even if forced to the use of torture and death squads. So it is not surprising that the back-Qaeda to operate in Iraq after it suffered losses at the hands of Sunni tribes. The pursuit of al-Maliki to control the power that could lead the country and give it back to the civil war.

    : Guardian

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    British report: al-Maliki on the road to the dictatorship of Saddam : Twilight News / The Guardian newspaper reported that the British Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on its way to becoming a "dictator of Iraq" is equal to the former President Saddam Hussein, but the United States does nothing to cut this track. She pointed out that this trend will bring Iraq into civil war.

    He said the newspaper in a report seen by " Twilight News ", that on the night of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq encircled troops and tanks led by Ibn al-Maliki Homes Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and the two leaders Sunni coalition Iraqi, a coalition of political forces Sunni and others, and was sentenced to Hashemi on Sunday death for the leadership of assassination squads against his opponents.

    The newspaper pointed out that three of Hashemi's guards were tortured to cast their confessions they had made, and one of them died as a result of torture.

    She said that the Iraqi bloc - which won a majority of seats in the Iraqi parliament - "It was not the first victim of the authoritarian grip-Maliki will not be the last."

    The Guardian quoted senior specialist on Iraq Toby Dodge Maliki as saying that "complete control of the Iraqi security services after he had spent on the official chain of command, and the transfer of the Office of Security Forces Commander to his office, and established command centers nationwide led by generals appointed by himself."

    The newspaper added that "the Iraqi Special Operations Forces, and which is described as the best in the Middle East has become imperial guards called Fedayeen al-Maliki."

    She pointed out that the same thing applies to the intelligence services and the judiciary.

    Not surprisingly, back al Qaeda - which has weakened a lot when it capsized Sunni tribal leaders - the scene again, "The Guardian.

    The newspaper pointed out that it is not surprising that al-Qaeda's return to the scene again.

    Then recounted newspaper positions demonstrate them on that the U.S. administration is not interested in the orientation of Maliki toward dictatorship where stated that the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) they wish to retain eight thousand troops in Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from there, but al-Maliki said there is no place for the survival of any American soldier After the end of the agreement on 31 December / December 2011.

    The U.S. State Department has planned to establish an embassy employs 16 thousand employees and station for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of 700 employees, but al-Maliki insisted that the office is directly responsible for the approval of any visa to any U.S. diplomat.

    The newspaper said the U.S. administration could use soft power to military supply contracts, but they do not want to do it.

    She also said that al-Maliki allows Iranian flights to supply the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in arms. She said, "But Washington is still not willing to know it."



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