Najafi and the Shahristani agree to expedite legislation oil law

09/11/2012 12:00 am

Concern parliamentary delay in forming the election commission
agreed House Speaker Osama Nujaifi with Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani on the necessity of reaching an agreement between the government and the House of Representatives on legislation oil and gas law.
According to a statement issued by the Office Nujaifi received »Sabah» copy of it , said the two sides discussed the presence of First Deputy Presidency of the Council of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail and Oil Minister Abdul Karim and coffee several issues was the most prominent policy of Iraqi oil, and the relationship between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, and oil and gas law.
statement added that «the two sides agreed to hold a meeting on Wednesday in the House of Representatives includes the Presidency and the Ministry of Oil with the Legal Committee and the Committee on the oil and gas Alniabaten and a representative of the Kurdistan region in order to bring visions on a new formula for oil and gas law. also discussed parties combined political crisis in the country, and the importance of search for radical solutions to end it completely and permanently. was Najafi may discuss with the acting UN mission in Iraq repercussions security crisis and delay the formation of the election commission.
expressed charge d'affaires, according to a statement issued by the Office Nujaifi received »Sabah» copy of it, for deep regret of what was subjected to some of Iraq's provinces of breaches led to the loss of the lives of many. He spoke Najafi at the outset of the meeting, thanked the taking UN interesting and what is happening in the provinces, particularly Kirkuk would promote pride and sectarian nationalism, especially in light of escalating political tensions in the region that lead to widen the circle of sectarian crisis. Took place during the meeting, they discussed many topics of including the formation of the Independent Electoral Commission and other bodies, because there are of great concern to delay its formation and the political pressure was a major reason behind it. According to parliamentary source for »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», the meeting on Tuesday will vote on the proposed law to amend the law the Electoral Commission for elections No. (11) of 2007, as amended. Some political parties demanded to keep nine candidates only eight of them were Hsmanm and ninth for minorities away from the increasing number to 15 that the increase violates orientations political forces Petrhik ministries and institutions that will be increased to more wastage of public money, especially as the increase members UNHCR means increased six degree Minister and six others rank of director general in addition to the Angels of them and this is not serving the national interest, but the Committee of Experts parliamentary costly form the Electoral Commission recently announced agreement of the political blocs to increase the number of seats in the election commission of nine seats to 15 seats, as he said, decision Committee pro-Tayeb's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): The «leaders of political blocs agreed to increase the number of seats the Board of Commissioners of the nine seats to 15 seats in order to cover all components represented in the Commission». also stressed the UN official need the enactment of the Federal Council being able to rounded councils federal and will express opinion provinces and regions properly and help the House of Representatives to accomplish its tasks smoothly. For his part, al-Nujaifi said the Federation Council of the key issues and positive for the purpose of evaluating the political process and Parliament in connection with the second reading of the law and the role of the United Nations is important in overcoming the obstacles, especially from a technical point . in the meantime, he met House Speaker in his office a delegation from the World Bank Trust Fund.
Both sides discussed economic policy and his recent support of the Iraqi Central Bank, as praised head of the delegation role the House of Representatives to improve the country's economy by maintaining the independence and integrity of the central bank and the adoption by Parliament observations on the 2012 budget.
connection with the work of the Iraqi Central Bank President spoke Najafi, saying: «The policy adopted by the Bank may consider some conservative policy, but in light of the regional situation troubled politically, economically and socially to be adopted this technique especially in light of the existence of the conviction that the dollar leak outside the country illegally.
were also talking about differing exchange rates between central bank sales and trading the dollar in the Iraqi market, where Nujaifi stressed the need to facilitate the procedures for citizens to obtain the currency from the central bank, particularly in critical situations such as medical treatment, study and scholarship.