Deputy for Iraq: majority government the best option to resolve political differences

11/09/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) MP for the coalition in Iraq Abdalkhdhar Tahir, that the formation of the Government of the political majority is the best choice and best out of the differences, he also difficult to achieve because of these differences. Tahir said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The go political blocs to form a majority government with which all components of the country and not to marginalize any component, is the best solution for the political crises, with the parliamentary opposition diverse components, explaining: The option of majority government difficult to apply now because of differences that hit all state institutions, including the House of Representatives. pointed Iraqi MP , that some actors become trade these differences that generated the crisis and others see it room for the application of their gains. witnessing the Iraqi political arena, a lot of bilateral meetings between the leaders of the blocks did not come out of any of them deal a final between the parties on the problem-solving mechanism, in light of the continued skepticism blocs which met (Erbil - Najaf) reform paper submitted by the National Alliance.

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