Maliki meets Obama in New York to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
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Thread: Maliki meets Obama in New York to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

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    Maliki meets Obama in New York to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

    Departing for Iraq to the United States Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Tros Iraq's delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations, to be held next week in New York.

    Tros Maliki came to the delegation of Iraq due to health conditions experienced by President Jalal Talabani prevent him from traveling.

    Sources close to the prime minister said Maliki would present during his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations to see Iraq for current events in Syria and ways to address them, as well as suffered by Iraq targeting of some of the regional countries and international organizations.

    Maliki will also include the word, according to the source, a statement Iraq fulfill its obligations towards the international resolutions concerning Kuwait, and there is no real justification for the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

    The sources indicated that al-Maliki will meet during his visit New York Prime United States Barack Obama, to discuss common issues, and said that the meeting will review the file arming the Iraqi army, especially after the confirmed political delegations U.S. recently visited Baghdad on the importance of building an Iraqi army strong him to attend a senior regional.

    Sources say: Maliki will brief U.S. President on the latest developments and discuss shared files in relation to the Convention on the strategic framework agreement signed between Iraq and the United States.

    The sources pointed out that the conference will be a great opportunity for the Iraqi delegation to meet with a large number of world leaders, and to clarify the image of the new Iraq away from the biased media agendas.

    The sources, that al-Maliki during the visit will seek to rally efforts to stand against countries that are trying to destroy Iraq through support everything that undermines the safety and security of the country.

    The sources noted that the owners entourage will include a number of ministers and officials, including ministers of foreign affairs, finance and defense, and a number of officials from file arming the Iraqi army.
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