Washington fears strong political crisis in Iraq over issuing Hashimi’s verdict
Added by Baghdad Iraq on September 11, 2012.
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Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) -The USA expressed concerns over possibility of “Out breaking a political crisis in Iraq after issuing the death penalty verdict against the Vice President, Tareq al-Hashimi, who refuges currently in Turkey.”

The Spokesperson of the US Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, said “We fear a strong escalation in violence from all sides in Iraq,” she added “Calling upon the leaders of Iraq to continue their attempts to settle the existing disputes within the framework of the state of law.”

In response to a question in which Nuland did not want to interfere in an underway judicial process, she said that “Hashimi has the chance to appeal the trial.”

She confirmed that “The USA supports a fair and transparent trial that adopts the Constitution’s principles of Iraq and its international commitments.”