Azad Mohammed

The newspaper quoted "Joder" a member of the House of Representatives from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Burhan Mohammed as saying that the parliamentarians of the Kurds in Baghdad are failing over the application of Article 140 of the disputed areas.

The deputy pointed out that parliamentarians Kurds are still without work program brings them together and sets the agenda of their work in the Iraqi parliament is therefore very important to reconsider their work and organization, and it is necessary to accomplish the business collectively and in the form of plans and joint work programs. says the newspaper also said the oil refinery Sulaymaniyah suffered a loss of more than 100 billion Iraqi dinars.

The newspaper quoted Kamal Taha production manager and liquidation in Sulaymaniyah as saying that the closure of the refinery led to daily losses of 130 million dinars, which represents revenue that was drained achieved before it was shut down. Taha added that the shutdown of the refinery for the period from early 2009 until the end of 2011 amounted to a total of 113 billion dinars. He added that according to the agreement with the Iraqi government, he was supposed to give them Bazian refinery but the agreement has not been implemented. reported "Rudaw" top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called on President Jalal Talabani to speed up the return to Iraq.

The newspaper added that Talabani had canceled a planned trip to the United States and that he would return to the country in the 17th of the current month. The newspaper quoted Mohammed al-Haj Mahmoud secretary of the Socialist Party KDP after his visit to the President of the Republic in Germany saying that Talabani has been able to reduce the weight equivalent to 27 kilograms, and expressed his belief that the return of Talabani to the country will be solved a lot of problems. newspaper wrote "Hawlati" The draft law on financial support for the parties is still waiting for the political will and he did not enter into the work program of the Kurdistan Parliament.

The newspaper quoted Dilshad Hussain member block change in parliament as saying that representatives of the parties in power want to Ammarwa law through the government form that unhappy and makes them able to control the strength of parties, so they do not have any political will to make this assistance to parties in the legal framework, noting the Commission's decision Finance in Parliament Dler Mahmoud that the project is one of the national laws that need to approve the political leaders of the parties and blocs The paper says that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee was installed as one of the standing committees in 2009 at the third session of the parliament, but was unable to do its work so the president and most of its members have resigned. The newspaper quoted Adnan Othman, a member of the Committee on the mass change, saying that the committee was born dead and that the authority will not allow the existence of this committee in the parliament. He added that the government work without BSA is illegal and unconstitutional. : http://www.iraqhurr.org/content/article/24703297.html