Deputy for the National Alliance: approaching consensus on candidates for interior and defense and the national balance

09.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) MP for the National Alliance on Fayad, for near consensus on candidates for the security ministries and degrees balance national, stressing that the audit is being CVs of the candidates. said Fayad (of the Agency news) on Monday: The Prime Minister was reviewing all the CVs of the candidates who have been cast them and we are talking about them, and find that the closest and most appropriate to take two bags Alamnton, the direct notification mass political candidacy officially, where there are negotiations this method. added: The positions of the balance of political, was agreed more than (20) position, which in way for the government to lift them to Parliament and be approved, he said, adding that the political situation if it continues this way will the good part of the problems.

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