Statement of the President of the Republic
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    Statement of the President of the Republic

    President of the Republic receives high-level U.S. delegation

    Statement of the President of the Republic
    September 10, 2012 |

    Represents the separation of legislative, executive and judiciary is one of the basic pillars of building a democratic state, and so it was at the forefront of the principles contained in the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq. And the performance of my duty to the maintenance of the basic law of the state always has been keen on the independence of the judiciary and respect for its resolutions.

    On the other hand I, and from my duty to unite the floor and avoid all that leads to cracks in the unity of the national fabric, I think that national reconciliation requires search for ways of fomenting an atmosphere of tolerance and show flexibility, including paving the way for reforms and strengthening of national partnership.

    Although I was in Germany for treatment and convalescence, I did not stop for one day for conduct direct talks, telephone calls and exchange messages for configuration for a meeting and a comprehensive national resolve differences and reach a mutually acceptable solutions to various problems, was including Multi Tareq Hashemi, Vice President. It was regrettable that the issue at this particular time a judicial decision against him is still officially hold office, which could become a factor not help but perhaps complicate efforts to achieve national reconciliation.

    It must be emphasized again that their opinion does not mean in any way challenging the judiciary or interference in its affairs and decisions but he embodies hope the president and his quest to avoid any obstacles or barriers may impede the march of our dear country towards strengthening the spirit of coexistence, tolerance and achieve Amani our people in stability, development and prosperity.

    Jalal Talabani


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    The wild, wild west.

    I like he says he WAS in Germany....

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    Good find!

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    This is good news!!

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