Zainab al-Tai: Maliki is responsible for the security deterioration .. And must be re-political structure to stop the bloodshed

09.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) carried by the Liberal bloc National Alliance MP Zainab al-Tai, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for what conduct of security breaches being المسوؤل first, noting that the blood that flowed from the innocent are the result of deficits, failures and weaknesses of the security forces. said Tai (News Agency News): The Prime Minister in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces shall be responsibility of all security agencies and bear legally and constitutionally what is happening in the country Valkuatm kill freely explosions occur when what you want armed groups, and continued: just listen to the letters "resonant" and security plans and other proactive and arrested a suspect them. said: that hundreds of detainees in prisons and the real criminals with craft high, at large. explained Tai: There shady deals and corruption financial through the release of criminals and terrorist leaders from prison after being arrested Payam, due to the leadership of al-Maliki unit of the country and the commands and prohibitions of him. The MP called Tai: to reconsider the political makeup of the country in order to stop the bloodshed. struck Baghdad and other provinces, a series of explosions killed dozens of civilians.

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