Parliamentary Finance: we do not receive the draft budget 2013 and the deletion of zeros will not confuse the economy
Baghdad / justice - 09/10/2012 - 1:28 am

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed not received a draft budget that next year from the government. The deputy chairman of the Committee Ahmed Faizullah that "allocations Supreme Judicial Council as well as other ministries are identified through meeting them and agree on those customizations," adding that "the budget is based on the actual needs of the annual institutions." And on the deletion of zeros from the local currency Male iceberg God that "the deletion of zeros will not create a problem economic, financial or monetary and some inflate Thread dramatically it's just the process of switching the currency which belong to all Iraqis and it may take time to get used to people about it." and "The printing of the new currency cost amounts billions Is the government ready to bear the costs because we must be calculated financial cooperation with the central bank needs from the currency because the Iraqi economy is based on the Cache and this is sound because any financial system developed for Aataaml بالكاش is that instruments and credit cards to اتشكل ratio of 1 percent of transactions in Iraq. "and stressed Faizullah the need not to "make way either currency manipulators who take advantage of the currency switch."