Qutaybah Jubouri calls the executive and legislative branches to hold an emergency meeting today against the backdrop of bombings
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Posted ImageBAGHDAD (Iba) .. president of a coalition called the Iraqi Free Qutaybah Jubouri the executive and legislative branches to hold an emergency meeting on the back of bombings and terrorist attacks, which affected a number of provinces today.

A statement of the Information Office of the coalition Jubouri as saying: "Today's bombings, which killed a number of civilians and military is a reflection of the agendas that pave the way for foreign destabilize the security situation in Iraq and brought back to the chaos that prevailed during the past years."

He added: "The terrorist groups did not come from a vacuum, as must have third-party support activities criminal and provide money and weapons, and certainly those sponsors of terrorism in Iraq benefit from the destabilization of the security situation and confuse the Iraqi arena to the goals and objectives are known."

He Jubouri: "You must name a spade a spade and expose any party proves its involvement in supporting terrorist groups in Iraq, with sever ties permanently with any state sponsor or fund the insurgency in Iraq," calling the executive and the legislative to: "hold an emergency meeting to discuss the implications of security breaches Last and develop plans to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from Iraq. "(end)

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