01:07:09 / 09/2012

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

Khandan - The Sadrists WIN within the National Alliance, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki aspires to be prime minister for the third time after being in office for two consecutive terms.

The leader of the current MP Jawad Alshahyla for "Khandan": Maliki aspires to be prime minister for a third term and this is evident through his statements and statements bloc "coalition of state law," explaining: political blocs that refuses to be al-Maliki as prime minister for a third time, because it did not provide something during the previous two sessions and this is sufficient evidence inadmissible.

He Alshahyla: Prime Minister does not have a "stick Moses" to change the current situation during the remaining two years of age his government even alter convinced blocks it, noting that the proposal of the mandate of the three presidencies (the Republic, Ministers, MPs), minus the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and soon will be put on the Council meetings.

The deputy head of the parliamentary legal committee Prince Kanani, announced earlier, the proposed law to determine the States for the three presidencies will be discussed by the Legal Committee this week.

Kinani said, one of the members of the Liberal bloc parliamentary asked to select the term of the Prime Minister of the Iraqi Media Network: "The proposal does not include a constitutional violation on the grounds that the Constitution did not provide for not compromising identifying States any Paragraph absolute and legally absolute can restrict any legal text."

And between Kanani said that "the proposed scheduled to discuss within the Committee this week, after postponing discussion that the Commission adopt the study and proposed laws in order of precedence, especially as the law determining States for the three presidencies and got late and could be included soon on the agenda of the Legal Committee."