No one knows the date, rate, time, who will push the button, who's in control, what's going to happen to Maliki or when, and/or where exactly Talabani is right now. All we hear and read is simply the best guess and/or speculation (at best) of those who think (or believe) their Intel spies (providers) are feeding them factual (or not) information which they share responsibly (or not). For us to bet the farm on their so called information knowledge (guess) is a financial and emotional gamble. Someone will be right someday! That's about the same odds as the lottery and someone does win the lottery don't they? If you throw enough mud at the wall some of it is going to stick. It is wise to be invested in this sure currency exchange but use sanity and self control. If you stand up without solid restraint on this roller coaster ride you probably will fall out of your seat. I am not bashing any particular person at all... just encouraging us all to remain grounded, sane, and realistic. The RV CE will happen! But getting caught up in the hype that it is totally going to be today will cause one to make life decisions and take or not take actions that can be extremely risky to your family and financial situation. Many have already lost homes, loved ones, health due to the unrealistic expectation of today. So many of the Intel Guru's are in this for their own purpose, pride or promotion. I like the fact that Dan, Tony, Gary and our PTR Team stresses caution. But we have a tendency to be hoping for the windfall and when it does not come in as projected we fall into despair, depression at the stresses of the situation we allowed our selves to get into because we over committed to the date and rate promises they promoted. I know because I rode this rollercoaster hard for a while and lost reserves that I really couldn't afford to about you? The ones hitting the RV lottery right now are the dealers and that's because of our greed to get as much as we can. That's not their fault. It is a human condition. Self-control is our responsibility. I pray we endure and practice self-control. Then when the RV CE comes we will all be true winners! Keep the faith and be strong!