Allawi sent letters to the leaders of political blocs include solutions to the current political crisis
Date: Saturday 09/08/2012 08:38 pm

Baghdad / WAP / The head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi said he sent letters to the leaders of the political blocs to find appropriate solutions to the current political crisis.
Speaking at a conference held today at the headquarters of Iraqi National Accord Movement:
"He sent a week ago wrote to the leaders of the political blocs on the political crisis suffocating experienced by the political process through the identification of important issues in the three axes must be applied in the next stage to achieve security and stability in Iraq."
He added:
"ensure first axis focus on the age of the general amnesty law and reconsider the issue of ablation as stipulated by the Constitution, in addition to the deepening of the national unity through the enactment of important laws such as the oil and gas law and fair distribution of wealth among all the provinces."
He continued:
"The second axis is to emphasize the unity of the Iraqi resistance to terrorism and resistance forces transgressing are trying to destroy the social structures and deepening and entrenching the band ranks of society, and that will continue to return sectarian, either third axis is emphasizing the need to have a true democracy through the However, the Iraqi people of its political decision without the intervention of regional or other. "
Allawi said: "Iraq will remain part of the Arab world and part of the Islamic system" expressing regret "because of Iraq's relations with these countries flawed."
Allawi called the Iraqi people to "cohesion to confront terrorism and to stop the bloodshed that took flowing throughout Iraq by a group of murderers and assassins who do not want for this country is devastation and work to protect Iraq from the future developments for changing the Syrian regime and prepare for the consequences that will cast on Iraq in the case of a change of the Syrian regime. "
He expressed regret at the same time "of the weak role of the armed forces in strengthening security and stability of the citizen."
And students at the same time the release of detainees and to speed up the enactment of the amnesty law which should not include hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis, a popular demand, a patriot. "