Someone sent this to me that was posted on PTR....Big Puller used to be a mod on Bond Lady's forum and is well respected. Here's what she has to say:

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Details of a new agreement with the United States of America

Posted September 5, 2012, 02:33 PM

bigpuller: they had one year from last year's date to implement the last remaining items and to have the Federation Council finished ..and they didn’t according to our strategic framework agreement and the troop withdrawal..we are going back in.. a small force of 10,000 or so and with immunity that Maliki would not give the US last year.. things are a lot better than people think..the US will give security to Shabbibi that he needs, and all done under the auspices of the UN and UNAMI and was always our intention to be back in there just like we are in every other country we have ever occupied .. hang tight guys..not long now.

Details of a new agreement with the United States of America
Monday, 03 September 2012 01:33

Baghdadiya News / .. got agency / Baghdadiya News / notarized copy approved by the Iraqi Council of Ministers and submitted to the President of the House of Representatives in order to put forward for discussion and approval.

He called the Council of Ministers Council of Representatives approved bills of international agreements and a memorandum of understanding between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the United States, which had previously signed by representatives of both governments in the Jordanian capital Amman on 07.11.2005, and efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation for economic development social, political and balanced and integrated in Iraq.

The agreement stated that committed America to provide economic assistance and technical and humanitarian, while Iraq will have several items, including cooperation with the United States to ensure that you are purchasing prices and reasonable terms, and the issuance of the necessary permits for the importation of goods, supplies or materials or equipment and property related to this Convention and to help accelerate their movement through ports and transportation facilities, it clearance procedures Alkmarki, as well as to facilitate the issuance of visas to enter the Americans and allow experts to enter their equipment and belongings and their vehicles.

As stipulated by Iraq to take all necessary action to ensure that all officials with the authority of the rights, privileges and immunities granted under the conditions of the Convention by the U.S. and ensure that they respect her.

Also awarded convention officials the United States (without any limitation) to oversee the conduct of programs and operations covered by this Agreement and audit those programs and processes and audit restrictions related continuously including giving them the right to supervise and audit during the implementation of any of the programs and transactions for a period of three years after completion of the implementation The objective of this procedure is to give a chance to U.S. government officials preview things that have been purchased for the purposes of this Convention with funding from the U.S. government, and scrutiny any records and accounts relating to funds that have been submitted or relating to any contractual services are provided for the purposes of this Convention, with funding from the U.S. government.

The agreement also stipulates that "the Iraqi government to receive a special U.S. mission representing the Government of the United States and play this mission tasks and the responsibilities incumbent on the Government of the United States under this Convention."

The special mission enjoy the same privileges and immunities granted to facilities and property of the U.S. diplomatic mission, which include, for example, of the inviolability and immunity of facilities and property and files of the special mission and the right to freedom of movement and communication.

As the Iraqi government will sufficient to ensure the security of facilities used by Special Delegation to do its mission and ensure its sanctity and immunity and therefore aware of the purpose of the Special Delegation only a further development of Iraq and to develop and promote the welfare of the Iraqi people may also for the U.S. government to provide adequate security for the Special Mission.

With regard to the privileges and immunities, stipulating the Convention states that agreed by the States to grant officers and employees the U.S. government (individuals and their families and residents with them) who are in Iraq to do tasks related to this agreement the same privileges and immunities granted to their counterparts who work at the U.S. Embassy and will carry arranged parallel to rank the privileges and immunities granted them under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

It also gave the Convention exemptions great for the United States and include the aim of ensuring the benefit of the Iraqi people to the fullest extent of assistance to be provided under the Convention, retired from all types of taxes any goods or supplies or equipment or property, services, or money into Iraq, including tax exploit property or deposit money in the bank allocates aid and exempted goods and services and equipment from customs and tax exempt income also financial deductions.

Iraq is committed to providing full information to the United States with regard to the provisions of the Convention and the sectors covered by the aid.

With regard to funds, it is the right of Iraq, the transfer of funds within the scope of the Convention any aid to the Iraqi dinar and the highest conversion rate, not of Iraq's right to confiscate these funds under prosecution for the United States Government or any other legal action.

Questions in the thread that bigpuller answered:

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Sven: “With regard to funds, it is the right of Iraq, the transfer of funds within the scope of the Convention any aid to the Iraqi dinar and the highest conversion rate, not of Iraq's right to confiscate these funds under prosecution for the United States Government or any other legal action.”

Thanks bigpuller! -- Am I reading this right or even remotely close? Could this paragraph be interpreted this way?

My own interpretation: In regards to these funds, Iraq is obligated to transfer these funds within the scope of the Convention at the highest conversion rate. And, Iraq does not have the right to confiscate these funds. If they do try to confiscate these funds they will face prosecution and other legal actions from The United States Government. Anyone?

bigpuller: I believe it has to do with the money that Iraq will get from the US for reconstruction..and yes I do interpret it the way you do.. seems to be a hidden meaning here that once the US releases funds to Iraq for the reconstruction the US must be making interest off their money.. only way i see it..and it also states that the US will be tax free in everything they bring tax and tariffs off of the US for their help

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jland47: This is all well and good. But what about Talibani and the National Conference? I thought that is what was going to get the RV in motion. Now it being said that bringing troops back in to provide security will get the RV rolling? Help me here folks... I'm a little conflictuated.

bigpuller: I kind of look at it like this.. the US wanted troops to remain and they could have but the GOI would not give immunity..which meant we were at the mercy of the GOI.. now all diplomats and contractors that are working at the US embassy there will have diplomatic immunity..totally different than the Geneva or the Vienna Convention.. that is for military.. the US always has an contigency force that stays behind when we exit out of a country that we have occupied, this is what this is..they knew that Maliki was deep with Iran and Syria, and they watched and took pics, and satellite images, and had the Fab 5 also letting them know what Maliki and his cronies were up to and also Iran that had been running weapons and QUD forces to Syria , through Iraq.. a big no no while both Iraq and Iran are under sanctions..the US played their political chess game and gave Maliki enough rope to hang himself, and then we hide it under the banner of the UN and other national organizations.. Barzani said months ago that they wanted US troops back and made a deal with the US that the US would get back the terrorist daduk, who the US had to give back at the end of last year in the prisoner exchange with Iraq when we exited the country.. another one of Maliki's dumb moves.. anyways, as far as Talabani, he had knee surgery on the 20th of June, and has been recuperating in the mountains of Kurdistan..they had to protect Talabani, because with Hasheimi out of the country then the president and the deputy prime minister would both have been targets.. no one trusts Maliki as he has tried to kill just about everyone or anyone that steps in his theHhouse of Reps got together formed a quorum from the votes they knew they had from the no confidence vote (and they are still looking at doing that) and they had Council of Reps meetings in Sulmeniya and passed some laws.. these laws are in the law library and the times they were put in were as late as July 14th.. only Talabani can ratify a law once the house of reps votes it there is proof he has been back for quite awhile..he cannot vote in abstentia because he has to be present or he would have to have someone take his spot for a short time and as we all know that has not happened.. so all in all these guys have been super busy, passing laws, bringing out the corruption files, coming to agreements on the amnesty and the judicial court laws, and the last item I see is the electoral commission needs to have the members picked and then that completes the federation council that Allawi will head up.. he will not have the National Council for Strategic Policy because it over laps what the judiciary systems already do and will do once their constitution is in the constitution they were to have made the second legislative branch of the Council of Reps and they never did, and now in February they started it and the Council of Reps has the authority to make this council what they wish and so they combined some of what the NCSP would have done and put it with the fed council and it represents all the regions and provinces and has all the independent committees with it and they oversee the whole legislative branch of the government..massive transparency and oversight.. so Maliki didn’t want to share power with Allawi and he never wanted this 2nd chamber of the government because like I said it is all laws and transparency ..could explain a lot more but I think all will get the drift..this is kind of how I see this maybe coming to a close.. we need the electoral members, which they are soon to pass, and we need the amnesty law, which is on the books and may have already been passed, I know it had a second reading.. then the Ministers , the HCL the Peshmerga, and the article 140.. which in a nut shell is the remainder of Erbil..they need to get the disputed areas taken care of because it was found out that the 2010 election was actually unconstitutional because the Kurds did not count their newborns in the ration card count and that is what they went off of for a census, so now they are going to go off of the Minister of Plannings census i believe, and when all is said and done Maliki will find out (which he tried to prevent), that the Kurds should have had an extra 15 seats in the Council of Reps that they were cheated out of, which would have made them the largest bloc and not the National Alliance.. the troops were a plan and executed quite nicely I might add.. there is no way the US is gonna let anyone step on the democracy that we all fought so hard for and when Assad falls, I think we may see Maliki go too, if not he will be gagged and sat in a corner until his term runs as far as Iran..Achmed looked like a fool at the non-aligned meeting in Tehran and has gotten a scolding from the King of Saudi and well lets just say with their money problems and the nice satellite photos of the QUD forces going to Syria , he will just remain the nut case he is from within his own borders..I see no threat from Iran..he is the boogey man that the US needs so we can be in the Middle guess I should post more so i don’t babble so much.. lol.. anyways , I don’t think we are far off at all ..they have made tremendous leaps in the last four months, and the last of the items that we have been waiting for we are seeing them getting them done.. so rest easy, its coming.

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