Jaafari: reform paper include the demands of all parties
Date: Friday 09/07/2012 07:55 am

Baghdad / term
confirmed head of the Iraqi National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari and political reform paper prepared by the Coalition included everything came from points in the papers first and second Erbil political opponents as well as the proposals of President Jalal Talabani and perceptions of the Alliance for the situation of the country.

Jaafari said in remarks distributed by his office and took the long version on Thursday that "the contents of the paper points of reforms will be implemented according to priority and the timeframe for each point" .. Explaining that "it is not a paper fixed points in terms of number or hierarchy no deficit and no failure or omission but we believe that animated remain subject to further discussion by all parties." He stressed the need to involve all political forces "based on partnership in the inspired national that unites the Iraqi spectrum all."
comments came Jaafari after a meeting in Baghdad Reform Commission of the National Alliance headed by al-Jaafari during which trading efforts to bring the views during the last period between national parties Iraqi and discuss the points that are being dialogue around now and determine the mechanism for arranging points to be implemented according to priority and setting the agenda for meetings with Kurdish political forces and the Iraqi List during the next few days, said a press statement from the meeting.
and at the same presidents agreed Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi nomination figures suitable for the post of Defense Minister and submitted to the Prime Minister as soon as possible and stressed the need for arbitration Constitution and use dialogue to resolve all disputes, non-interference in the affairs of all countries, especially countries neighboring the second meeting brought together by less than ten days.
said the press office of the owners in a statement yesterday The Prime Ministers and the House of Representatives in search of various domestic issues and conditions of the region, particularly relations with neighboring countries, adding that "the two sides stressed the need for cooperation and coordination between the executive and legislative branches including accelerate the process of service development and reconstruction in the country," pointing out that Maliki and Nujaifi "agreed on the nomination of names personalities appropriate to the Ministry of Defense as soon and submitted to the Prime Minister to be taken necessary action. "
confirmed Maliki and Nujaifi the need to "arbitration Constitution to solve internal differences and to resort to dialogue and understanding as a way to resolve all issues in addition to continuing the Iraq policy calling for the establishment of good relations based on mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs with all countries, especially neighboring countries. " It is noteworthy that Iraq live a major political crisis is the first after the American withdrawal in late December (December).