Jaafari: a comprehensive reform paper all that came in the papers first and second Erbil and proposals Talabani and the National Alliance

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Baghdad (news)

The head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a comprehensive reform paper all that came from points in the papers first and second Erbil and proposals of the President of the Republic as well as the proposals of the National Alliance.
He Jaafari, according to a statement by his press office received Agency (news) copy of it, on Wednesday: that the contents of the paper reform of the points will be implemented according to priority and the timeframe for each point, noting: it is not a paper fixed points in terms of the number or hierarchy not to deficit and no the failure or omission but we believe that animated remain subject to further discussion by all parties.

Jaafari stressed: the need to involve everyone on the basis of partnership in the national concern that unites all Iraqi spectrum.

Jaafari revealed: the pursuit of the coalition to secure the necessary introductions to resolve the issues of the Ministries of Interior and Defense, and the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers, resolve المعضل between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the rest of the points contained in the reform paper.

And: that the National Alliance discussed at its regular meeting to form a committee to study the issue of amnesty, which is being prepared him for presentation to Parliament for approval.

In regard to the Syrian crisis, said al-Jaafari: The crisis in Syria need to initiative and wide and deep up to the size of the Arab League at least, no jump on the non-aligned countries, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the European Union, arguing: that the problem is in Syria's largest of Syrian land , and wider than the Syrian human because they swept, and raised concerns and led to Tlkiet on neighboring countries and post-neighborliness, not exaggerate if I say it internationalized, so we must give adequate care, and care about them, and employ all energies for the tiger crisis Syrian solutions to good and acceptable.

He said: We are with the choices of peoples, and we are not with options rulers, we do not want only the best of the Syrian people, and good neighbors geographical, we do not want to take advantage of this crisis by the parties of a terrorist nature, or nature sectarian employs this issue in the market history.

And the Iraqi initiative to solve the Syrian crisis, he said: I think the Iraqi initiative came in place to fill the void, and call upon all States to

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