Khalid al-Alwani: National Meeting will be held Bcesp procrastination .. Talabani's return will pave the way for an atmosphere of trust
6/9/2012 |(Voice ofBaghdad (news) predicted MP for the coalition in Iraq Khalid Abdullah, for meeting national, pointing to the existence of
the crisis and stall experienced by Iraq since the beginning of the year, which ended بالتسويف and then not to hold national meeting. said in a press statement on Thursday: The issue reforms are still controversial and will pave resolve the crisis, pointing out that the return of President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad will pave the way for an atmosphere of confidence, there is still the issue of reform controversial even within the National Alliance itself, but there is no paper repair originally did not receive any political bloc version of this paper . and on the draft amnesty law, MP for Iraq: the draft amnesty law was completed in the Legal Committee parliamentary and we will endeavor to offer for a vote next week, in addition to resolving the topics of accountability and justice and the eradication of judges in Mosul, arbitrary arrests, calling at the same time Presidency of the Council of Representatives detects entities that impede and disrupt the vote on the legal amnesty oil and gas. continued Alwani: Some parties do not want stability in Iraq by blocking passage of a law of the Federal Court and to maintain the present Court, which has become a tool of the government to block the work of Parliament and the targeting of those who oppose the government's decisions

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