Iraqi condemns restrictions on the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Iraq

6/9/2012 Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad on 6 September 2012 condemning the Iraqi coalition government practices is responsible to crack down on public freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Iraq citizens. Revealed spokeswoman Iraqiya MP Maysoon al about the existence of an organized campaign to suppress freedoms and restrictions on intellectual pluralism and the right of expression, whether through some materials bills that reached the House of Representatives of the government, including the Law on Political Parties and the Law cybercrime and law on freedom of expression The peaceful demonstration, or through repressive measures continued, including preventing unveiled from entering the city of Kadhimiya and streets away from the saucer-Sharif, or abuse blatant that done by the band 56 of the General Commander of the Armed Forces on the social clubs, including the Writers Union and Club pharmacists and club filmmakers and club Assyrians cultural and others. Instead of prosecuting criminals and terrorists and to protect the homeland the band 56 exposure beating for artists, writers and social figures, in clear violation of human rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq, ethics and values ​​military. said Damluji that this organized campaign to suppress freedoms are not in isolation from developments political events in the region, and try to Some neighboring countries hegemonic political, intellectual and cultural Iraqi will. It added that the integrity of Iraq and save it from the consequences of events in the region achieved cohesion of the social fabric and stand as one against foreign interventions, not fabricating crises that do not only lead to tearing the national front and left doors home open to the repercussions of the events. called Damluji national political forces and the Iraqi society attention to the claws that seek to tear the fabric of Iraqi society and the political and democratic process and building a civil state and the situation in Iraq hostage to the ambitions of neighboring countries, which seeks to control all walks of life in Iraq. It also called Damluji security agencies to respect citizens and play a role in protecting the country and reject these practices defective that harm the profession and military honor. noted that Article (37 / II) of the Iraqi Constitution states: (state guarantees to protect the individual from coercion intellectual, political and religious). coalition Iraqi

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