Parliamentary power: soon exit form a consensus on the draft oil law
علي عبد سلمان - 06/09/2012م - 11:13 ص | عدد القراء: 27
Ali Salman - 09/06/2012 - 11:13 am | Readers: 27

Committee decided to oil and energy parliamentary conduct tour visits to power plants across the provinces rather than shorten the visit installations province Albesrahib goal found its reality in my work. "The Committee had revealed earlier that a small committee which will be a field visit to electric power utilities and oil in the province of Basra in southern Iraq.
He said the Commission's decision Qasim Muhammad's (observer Iraqi) that his committee "decided to take a tour of field visits to power plants oil and electric in all provinces without exception for the reality in practice." And added that "visits will take place during the coming period after the completion of the work of the Commission oil law and gas joint recently formed to agree on a draft law of oil and gas, "whether visits will include the Kurdistan region also between the Commission's decision," the Commission on oil and energy seen on power plants in the Kurdistan region and has discussed with officials of the problems and obstacles. "and that" the visits come to apply the oversight role of the House of Representatives on oil and electricity facilities in the provinces, "noting that" conduct field visits complement the work of the parliamentary committee access to the causes obstructing implementation of energy projects.