Keywords: state law does not bear responsibility for the implementation of reforms
on 6/9/2012 | Author mj | readings 6 |

BAGHDAD / electronic integritySaid deputy state law Keywords that the coalition does not assume responsibility for the application of reforms in the country, but is everyone's responsibility, noting that the accusations launched by some worthless nor the reality of her express attempt to empty the psychological shipments against state law.The Keywords for newspaper "integrity electronic" today that load state law responsibility in implementing reforms to things the country and address the problems and commitment to the Constitution is not true it is everyone's responsibility and not state law alone, adding that we let to sit and talk until we understand of the Constitution and violates the constitution and caused the deficit Iraqi budget and billions of dollars as a result of non-oil exports.The Keywords and who did not make the central government dominated on the subject of border crossings and allow the entry of foreigners into Iraq without the knowledge of the central government and so onThe MP for the coalition Kurdistan Mahma Khalil has said that the coalition of state law cause in the development of the country in front of many of the constraints, due to the lack of commitment to the application of the Constitution, and non-compliance with the Convention on Arbil, and he did not keep the federal budget, according to the interpretation of the Attorney Kurdistan.Farah Asim al-Tai