Damluji calls for Maliki to stop unethical overtaking on Iraq

| on 09/06/2012 | Author mj | |

BAGHDAD / electronic integritySpokeswoman called the Iraqi List, Maysoon al-Maliki and members of the state law to stop trespassing on Iraqi leaders, noting that this is shameful excesses is not any ethics and not of respect for opponents. Said Damluji's newspaper "integrity electronic" Today we recommend Mr. Maliki and advise gentlemen in state law to stop this shameful practices because it is shameful and immoral, adding that their words are getting split between Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi, Rafie al-Issawi is inaccurate and untrue. She explained that the efforts to construct a row Iraqi List list since the first day formed even before the election results and this is clear and despite many attempts they can split any leadership from the leaders of the Iraqi List, so far, noting that Mr. Osama Najafi issued by a statement of where that existing leader is Iyad Allawi's Iraqi attempts to play on the emotions of the people, so that these abuses on Iraqi leaders is shameful is not any ethics Ainm respect for opponents and advised Mr. al-Maliki and advise gentlemen in state law to stop this shameful practices. The figures were close to al-Maliki has revealed that al-Maliki persuaded House Speaker and leader of the Iraqi List, Osama Nujaifi as the best and most successful in assuming the leadership of the Iraqi List, describing Allawi "It's the paper that burned itself." Farah Asim al-Tai