"Kurdistan" emphasizes the inclusion of the agreement of Arbil and Najaf meeting in the paper "National Alliance" reformist
Posted 03/09/2012 01:23 PM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of liberation"
Prime Kurdistan Alliance bloc Fuad Masum believed the possibility of accepting paper of the National Alliance in the event Tdmnyha previous agreements between the parties participating in the government, stressing that his recent meeting with Ibrahim al-Jaafari eating guidelines for reform: "With a desire to include their paper Erbil agreement and its second meeting as well as the recommendations of the meeting of Najaf. "
and see who leads the coalition government and reformist paper, can resolve the dispute over the implementation of the demands relating to the application of the agreement of Arbil and ensure partnership in running the country.

President of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Fuad Masum

Masum explained that reform paper will be after the end of alliance president Ibrahim al-Jaafari of contacts: will include references to prior agreements, then begin serious discussions to discuss its terms, and a manner that achieves the demands of all parties. "
With MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati get a breakthrough in the skies crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohammad Qasim to make contact between the two sides: "will form a delegation negotiating a permanent represents the Kurdistan region to meet with officials in Baghdad, and contacts were underway between the two parties."
to the sources in the parliamentary Ban on Saturday will see a meeting of the three presidencies to discuss developments in the Iraqi arena, and to develop an agreement to identify a specific date to discuss a reform paper.