Deputy: political blocs are today convinced that the law of oil and gas will contribute to the regulation of the oil sector

Affirmed the decision of the Commission on oil and gas parliamentary willingness to hold intensive meetings in order to pass the law of oil and gas.

Kassem said Mohammed Mchkta (of the Agency news): There is an agreement between the national alliances and Kurdistan to pass the law since 2007, but the differences and interpretations led to the suspension of the law, although submitted to the State Council. Confirming the presence of a positive movement towards law legislation to economic importance.

He added: Although long period of time, but the parliament has failed to pass the law, but we are determined to pass format final accepted by all parties, after giving Presidency of the Council of Representatives to form a joint committee of oil and gas and legal to create a draft as a basis for discussion.

The Mchkta stressed: that all political blocs are today convinced that the law will contribute to the organization of an important sector in the country, adding that Iraq would be one of the most important countries in the region from the oil side.

The law was published as is amended in the year 2007 in the media, and since then there have been only a simple parliamentary debates around without approval.