National Alliance is a sub-committee to discuss the follow-up issues detailed rules

Reviewed the political body of the National Alliance in their regular meeting on Monday evening, which was held at the home president Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the political developments in the country, and evaluate the atmosphere of openness and calm committed by all parties, and that gave way to the reform project that is moving at a steady pace.

The coalition statement said the national received Agency (news) copy of it: The Coalition stressed the importance of working to unify the positions of laws proposed in the House of Representatives, and the speed of legislation necessary to complete the construction of the state and constitutional institutions.

The alliance also stressed the need to strengthen national security, and resolute response to terrorism, security and hardware support, and work to develop their capacity to reduce the repercussions of regional crises as well as the need to consolidate the political discourse and national media ..

The statement added: Onalthalv National stressed the need to continue efforts to achieve reform project of the political process, as confirmed by the coalition to serve the citizens, and provide the requirements of living of its priorities and interests of legislative, executive, and will pay a package of laws and decisions that will achieve its goal.

And concluded the political body of the National Alliance to form a mini-committees, to follow the detailed issues are laws that search.