Wang Dang:[B] Letís talk about amnesty. This is the show stopper. When GW in 2007 put together Erbil and they started working on this agreement, there wasnít any Erbil yet, they were kicking it around trying to put it together. Amnesty was even bigger at the time because Maliki was kicking and screaming trying to figure his way out of going to jail. When they came out with amnesty he kept rejecting it, even at the present time he kept rejecting it. But in February 2012 he struck a concillatory tone when amnesty came up. Maliki point of view on amnesty is as long as you do not have Iraqi blood on your hands he is ok with a get out of jail free card. Thatís how serious this is. Evidently the law has come out now where even Maliki thinks he is covered and now we know. Monday they are going to vote on it and it should be done. We are expecting to see amnesty announced late tomorrow evening or early Tuesday morning.
Now hereís the big oneÖHCL, the gas and oil law. I love this thing. Itís almost done. The Kurds kept the oil on, so Barzani is happy. The oil was supposed to go off as of August 31st and the Kurds extended it to Sept 15th .So Sept 15th is the last day, but we should see HCL way before then because everybody is indicating that this is all but finished and thatís the short and skinny of that. So when we see HCL, when the Kurds write that check to pay Exxon/Mobil, Gaspar, Total, Shell anyone of those oils companies thatís going to open the budget and we are going to get 90 cents. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. I know this for a fact. HCL is in the budget and once you start paying those bills itís going to open the budget and we know that because thatís the way they educated us in 2008 coming forward.
The other is the lifting of the three zeroesÖShabibi has a big conference set up for this week, Wed or Thur (5th or the 6th) and itís with all these heads of the CBI. Shabibi bring them in to not only discuss the world economy, but he is going to express to them and perhaps tell them when he is going to pull the trigger on this thing. Shabibi is ready to do this thing and needs to put a lot of pressure on his government to get in line. Thatís why all of a sudden we are seeing amnesty is being done, HCL is at the threshold getting ready to be done. When HCL spits out Shabibi has to be prepared to give us that 90 cents. I donít care if they fall out fighting right now. Is still that the time is so short that they have to deal with this thing, I am happy. I know itís not going to go for ever and ever. HCL is here and it is shortly to be done. We talked about amnesty HCL and the three zeroes being lifted. Shabibi is going to do this through this conference. He is going to get the support of especially Saudi Arabia the Arab Emirates and people like that that he really cares about before he finally pulls the trigger. So he called them all in and this week we will see the conference happen and when we see HCL he is going to give us our 90 cents. So amnesty, HCL, three zeroes. Those things are the ones that are most pressing right now and the best avenue for us to get 90 cents is HCL. I feel just like the MPís and the Kurds have been saying that HCL solve all the disputes between the political blocs. I have been saying that forever. If they simply give HCL to the Kurds, which are our friends, those politicians are going to be scurrying like rats to get tall that money to do things in that province. To build hospitals, power plants, better roads and things of that nature. So they are going to have to play together and thatís going to cause them 4 or 5 days later to give us our government and Erbil and seating of Dr. Ayad Allawi.