Wang Dang CC with Wiz, Miss Kitty (Part 1 ) - transcribed

Wang Dang CC with Wiz, Miss Kitty
Wiz read article “Debate heats up on the process of deletion of the zeroes from the currency during seminar”.

Wang Dang: Shabibi invited all of the money heads from the region. Before all the money heads from the world arrive this week. All those financial guys, all those central bank people are going there to talk to Shabibi this week. So Shaleh (Deputy Governor of the Central Bank) pre-empted that and had a symposium just to check and get information from his boss about what outsiders thought about their economy. Everybody is educated to Iraq’s economy. This is the thing I want to point out. One of them was Abdul and the other is Adel Aziz. Abdel Aziz is heavy duty and runs the finance parliament committee for Iraq. Abdul is from Saudi Arabia. These people are chiming in and telling Shaleh we are looking at your economy and this is what happened. I thing Abdel told them first, “You are depending too much on oil. You need to go ahead and turn that currency out before inflation really flips and gets out of control even with the oil in place”. And he said “lighten up and start to bring forth the other industries that you guys have and he mentioned them. You can do good with this, this, this & this”. Adel starts to tell them the same thing. “You are waiting too long to bring your currency out. The currency can withstand this. It’s strong. So let’s move forward with this. The process that you’re mulling over is gone“. Basically that’s what they are telling them. That’s a third party telling Shaleh to get cranking up with the dinar because it can withstand it, it can take it. Shaleh and Shabibi are great. They are going to force the currency to come out because now they are getting their neighbors from the region who central banks are doing better to confirm the fact that the Iraqi dinar is strong and should not be dealing with inflation the way it is forced to deal with it now. The IMF is there sanctioning these activities. So this week all of the central banks will be in Iraq with Dr. Shabibi discussing Iraqi dinar and that country’s central bank issues as well.

We are getting ready to start offering the community some things and it’s going to be fast. We don’t have much time left in this thing and I am going to stick my neck out and when we start rolling these different things out from our end, they are going to be free to everybody. All you have to do is take advantage of them if you need them. We are going to give you things that are going to help you move and get the right people in your life and that’s the stage that we are at in this investment because it’s almost done. I can guarantee you guys if we see HCL come out this work or early the week after, you’re going to see the 90 cents. The budget is going to happen. They will have to do it. Once they start paying bills it going to happen. That’s the whole intent for HCL is to take care and govern anything dealing with gas and oil. That’s a budget item and once they start paying Exxon/Mobil, Gaspar, Total and all these companies, that budget is going to open
from 2011 and we win.