His Excellency the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at his office today, the official, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones and her accompanying delegation.

He stressed the need for cooperation and coordination between the two sides in order to serve the interests of the two countries and help stability in the region and their development, and the need for Iraq to equip its armed forces with the necessary equipment to secure its goals defense, which are summarized in maintaining Iraq's security, independence and sovereignty and to deter any threat that could threaten its wealth.

The Prime Minister said that the wide horizons of cooperation between the two countries at all levels of infrastructure to drawn Convention Alataralastrateja and identified tracks, referring to challenges facing the region and the need to resort to dialogue and understanding the language of arms and violence in all the region's issues.

He stressed the need to find a political solution and not a security of the status quo in Syria, indicating that Iraq provided the initiative as to achieve the desired change in Syria within the specific political steps and referred to the initiative.

The new Prime Minister of Iraq's position and support for the efforts of UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, and all efforts to find a solution to the situation existing in Syria.

For her part, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, the need for coordination between the two countries in various affairs of the region and said that the United States is a strategic framework agreement cornerstone of the relations between the two countries.

And called for the need for continued cooperation and coordination between the two countries in the challenges facing the region, particularly that Iraq occupies a leading position.

Jones stressed that the United States will work to accelerate the pace of cooperation in the military sphere and armaments and will do its utmost to secure Iraq's need for defenses required.

Indicating that the United States called on all companies to abide by coordination with the central government before the conclusion of any contract Aoag especially in the fields of oil and gas, confirming the lack of any delay in the delivery of thousands of aircraft 16 you Taakedalarac to purchase.