Burhan Mohammed: We are with the amnesty law if it does not conflict with the Constitution

Wade Kurdistan Alliance MP Burhan Mohammed Faraj amnesty law provided it does not contradict with the Constitution, noting, "We are with the ratification of the law if there is no exemption for terrorists and the Baathists hands stained with the blood of Iraqis."

Faraj said in a statement told all of Iraq [where] today, "We انكون in a row terrorists who proved guilty terrorism انكون with the release of the Baathists whose hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis."

"We with the passing of the bill if not Atkhalv or inconsistent with the Constitution, saying that" I personally do not have a reservation on the passing of the bill. "

The House of Representatives has postponed a vote on the draft amnesty law until after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr because of the incompatibility of the political blocs to pass did not get approved so far.

Attributed the Parliamentary Legal Committee to postpone the vote on the law to political differences despite the end of its drafting.

For its part, announced the Liberal bloc in Parliament of the Sadrist movement readiness general amnesty law and a vote in Parliament, asking everyone to "non-political Bid."

This called representative of the religious authority in Karbala Ahmed Safi in last Friday prayers to study the general amnesty law and be applied conditional on those who showed repentance.