Allawi: We have prepared a plan to change the political map and an end to the situation "tragic" for the people

9/3/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) revealed leader of a coalition of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, for preparing a political plan to change the political map and solve the crisis "stifling" that beset the country, through the policy-making to convince political figures and tribal leaders, to work to end the situation "tragic" that passes by the people. said Allawi said by telephone from the Jordanian capital Amman (of the Agency news) on his way to Baghdad: drawing a strong plan worked on prepared months ago launched from the National Accord Movement. added: that the plan will include leaders and well-known personalities بوطنيتها did not deviate from the line and the National Program for the coalition in Iraq, to expand with tribal leaders and the Iraqi tribes and ancient national figures and all nationalities and political blocs and parliamentary elections, to save the country from the impasse that has been reached. explained: that the political de-Baathification that we see now and entice members of parliament through threats and intimidation and undo the dangerous security and regional interventions, imposed on us prepare political strategy plan will work vigorously to end the tragic situation of the Iraqi people through lobbying and persuasion in the media and political and civil.

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