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Baghdad (news) confirmed the Governments of the Republic of Iraq and the United States reaffirmed their strategic relationship during a meeting of the Joint Commission to coordinate political and diplomatic on the second of September 2012 in Baghdad. said Foreign in a press statement received Agency (news) on Sunday: he co-chaired the meeting, which was held in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq's foreign minister, Ambassador Elizabeth Jones, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. has formed committees Joint Coordination under agreement strategic in 2008 between Iraq and the United States in order to strengthen our relationship with strategic bilateral on a variety of initiatives , including cooperation in the fields of defense and security, energy, law enforcement and judicial cooperation, and cooperation in the field of education, culture and science, the environment and trade, finance, transport and communications. statement added: that during the meeting delegations discussed international efforts to deal with the current crisis in Syria, and possible areas of cooperation, particularly in cases humanitarian and technical advice on border security. The parties fully committed to the transfer of political led Syria toward a pluralistic political system represents the will of the Syrian people. noted U.S. efforts Iraqi to provide shelter and services for the Syrians who have taken refuge in Iraq. has commended the United States on Iraq's efforts to resolve issues related to Chapter VII on his relationship with Kuwait under UN Security Council Resolution of the United Nations No. 833. United States is committed to working with both Iraq and Kuwait to resolve the issues Chapter VII remaining. statement noted: that the two sides discussed Iraq's plans to conduct its elections following at the national level and in the provinces scheduled made in 2013 and 2014. and the United States pledged to help in the implementation of this next step important in the development of democracy in Iraq. statement continued: As discussed United States and Iraq continuing process of resettlement Archive and documents that are part of the custody of the Iraqi people. has commended the United States for the decision Iraq latter signed the Additional Protocol to the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency. statement concluded: that the United States and Iraq agreed to discuss alternatives to consult expanded between the U.S. State Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, which could include joint training, exchange programs and vocational education, more of political discussions for planning. committed the United States and Iraq to hold meetings of the Joint Committee to coordinate political and diplomatic periodically every three months over the next year.