Maliki worst and Abd al-Karim Qasim best?!!

Palm - a recent poll showed a slide random almost a thousand people from the Iraqi people to choose the best and the worst prime minister in the history of contemporary Iraq since the founding of the Iraqi state after a period of ownership and to this day was this poll questionnaire draft letter Canutora a student from the people of Diyala got after the debate on the certificate a very good degree in political science.

The sudden loud is not the best personal but was بأسوء personal ruled Iraq, where solving the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the first place in the worst while his late Abdul Karim Kassem best and without rival as the best prime minister ruled Iraq after he got more of 976 votes out of thousands of voters either current prime minister, has voted against more than 510 people Kosu prime minister ahead of everyone.

It is certain that many of those who voted in this survey were not even born at the time of the late President Abdul Karim Qasim or brothers Arif or pristine but tales difficult time and Sra˙v Almizrh and houses Revolution and the city of Medicine and tales bridges Baghdad and eyes Maha entrenched in the minds love this person faithful to his family and homeland and poor private until one blogger wrote that the Iraqi people did not give his love and devotion to the governor also granted to Abd al-Karim Qasim.

At the other end, globalization and the era of speed and support councils and the Iraqi Media Network and Charge of the Knights and the expulsion of the Peshmerga and the appointment godfather deals re-Baathist Amer Khuzaie in five positions and buy luxury villas in London, Paris and re-Baathist and uprooted and distribution Kartat Mobile and the presence of glamorous Madleil rain in Baghdad and support the army and the police and the success of the security file did not work all of this in the root Maliki's love in the hearts of Iraqis who do not invoke the lessons of history often.

When comparing the circumstances surrounding periods ruling parties find it unfair to put such a comparison and that will be all conditions for the benefit of the current prime minister, such as length of sentence and the size of financial budgets and take advantage of science and technology and the availability of alternatives and the role of the international community and the Arab and regional and which were all poured digit Maliki interests.

In short, the Abdel-Karim Kassem work sincerely and lived individuals modest devoted all his life and time to the poor and vulnerable did not leave behind villas and palaces like Iraq and I love Iraq and is no stranger to grant Iraq love those who sacrificed for him did not deny his patriotism or buy and sell blood of his sons to stick chair rule.