Injury "Jalal Talabani" unwell sharp and Barham Salih Athye to succeed him?!

Palm - a Kuwaiti newspaper quoted Kurdish sources described that Palmtalaah situation Talabani's health is not good and sharp Monuments unwell, prompting some Iraqi officials in the past few days to visit him at his residence in Germany.
The paper adds that it looked like an attempt to bid farewell to the President more than reassuring him or consulted on internal differences and developments in the region and a number of politicians visited Talabani confirmed that his good health after he underwent an operation in his knee.
The sources said the Kurdish newspaper said that some political forces deeply concerned over the fate of the National Congress and the Iraqi political situation as a whole because of the health of Talabani, who is likely that it is no longer able to manage any talks between the political parties in the coming period.
She explained that the situation Talabani may allow his return to Iraq, but may not be permitted Bmzawelth to his position as head of the Republic, noting that the visit of Vice Talabani in the presidency of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, Baghdad and meetings with al-Maliki and the rest of the Iraqi leaders is an indication that Saleh is poised to succeed Talabani.
The political blocs are looking forward to the return of President Jalal Talabani to hold the forthcoming national meeting where Kurdish deputies had indicated that Talabani will return in the fifth or sixth of next month.